Ahamm is a Psyritual artist exploring the mediums of the psyche through Art, Music and Stories. Science and Ancient Philosophy are evident in his compositions. The mystical realms of reality quantumise themselves through his works. The pursuit of science is to investigate through the lens of spirituality where creative energy is the tool. Ahamm is the tool, surrendered to the creative forces of life and is the space between the existing and non-existing, creation and the voidness, imagination and reality, the dual and non-dual. Ahamm is the individual finger print an artist leaves on his creations and it belongs to the eye of the seeker.

Through his music you are moved into a never before space of intertainment, a feeling that evokes a certain state of knowing thy self and vocabulary to the unsaid. Hailing from the land of the most ancient civilization Ahamm aims to trace roots back to the rich past and marry the infinite future. All his works have traces of the Dvaita, Advaita, Shunya and Sankhya philosophies intertwined with the findings of the world. There are many layers to each of the works that appeal to every perceiver in its own ways. All the works are holographic and quantum in nature it brings forth different visual cues to different people. The more time you spend on each of the creations the more you discover about thyself.

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01  —  Duality to Reality

Duality to

An immersive experience of art, sound, story telling combined with ancient folklore gripping the depths of Indian philosophical essences. A transformative journey to the centre of yourself.

Grow with the flow. Inward is the best way forward.


Life and Death
Spirit of choise

Psyritual lifestyle

Sugar candy skull

A show that you can forget where you are and realise who you are. powerful and enchanting.

M R Rajaram – Founder, Nandi Kalagram

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Live Music

Psyritual Music

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02  —  Project Ahamm

Project Ahamm

Combining spiritual & psychedelic we play a genre called “psyritual” music. Our regional compositions and instrumentals are people faves! We perform Invite only concerts on every fill moon nights

To harness the forces of nature you need to understand the vibrations of nature and that is hidden in the science of music. Tap into this revolutionary art for transformation.

– Smith Grants

03  —  Creative Solutions


Launch your brands with us! We provide with the best marketing & branding solutions right from curating content to events. Give your brand the story it deserves. We work with selected brands that fit our criteria only. Lets talk today!

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Team Ahamm played a crucial role , incubating our brand from thought to reality. Their creativity has come in to simplify the brand process and has quadrupled our brand reach. Highly reccomended for scripts, jingles and content.

Harsh Badli

~ CEO Service list

Regional Dance

Art & Therapy

Traditional Rituals

Expressive Rituals

04  —  Children Creative Outreach

Children  Creative Outreach

This Programme is the closest to our heart. We have put together years of work to curate an All round experience for children to develop their creative quotient. It could be their personal journal or the stage show expressing oneself without dilemma is every Childs right. We are educational activists reaching out to the urban scape and to the remotest jungles with this motto.

The best 3 days curated by team Ahamm & theXplorerguide for our school children. Right from communication to body language, bush men skills to team building the team aced it and ensured our children had a great time with every activity planned out. Thank you for this amazing experience.

Gaurav Bajpee

~ Director, Jaagrut Educational Service Pvt. Ltd.

05  —  Fingerprint Analysis

Fingerprint Analysis

Understand your self through the ancient art of fingerprint reading. The brain & fingerprints develop together in the embryo giving rise to similar patterns which enables us to decode your life design which influence every action taken by you towards your self discovery. Discover your innate purpose engrossed in sessions that will bring to you a clearer understanding of the self and career.

Genetic Brain Profiling

Typical Ofrenda
Regional Food

Purpose & Repurpose

Regional Dance

Art & Therapy

Traditional Rituals

Expressive Rituals

06  —  Kreyative Art Therapy

Kreyative  Art Therapy

Kriye is an ancient yogic way of transforming yourself using breath and expression. Kreyative art therapy uses colour, music, speech, frequencies, writing and much more to enhance the awareness of mind body and soul through a wholesome fun and colourful way! Why so serious?

This is the most beautiful way to reach within! The way of the he(art)

I have had the good fortune of being completely transformed through Ahamm’s art therapy programmes. These are immersive one on one sessions that go really deep into yourself and understanding the real artist within you. What’s more important is i have accepted the art and artist within me through this exercise. It’s like a re-birth.

~ Aishwarya ( name changed for privacy)

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Right to write and write to right. Canvas for mind scribbles.


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Cognition and re-cognition towards art. Different perceptions of why I do what I do.